Testimonials from those who've worked with me

"I’m always delighted to work with Sabrina. She 'gets' data – she understands what it’s trying to say, and picks the right way to let it express itself fully in graphic form."   Dan Ray, editor-in-chief at CreditCards.com

"Sabrina combines a sharp, analytical mind with a willingness to dive in and understand a subject matter, and a talent for conveying truths through data visualizations. On top of that, she is an excellent writer and is wonderful to collaborate with on all levels. I recommend her highly."   Frank Dixon, CEO at DepositAccounts.com

"You'll love the way Sabrina digs through data to find the telling trend and then creates a visually appealing graphic that makes it easy for readers to grasp. I don't think I've worked with anyone who's mastered both of those distinct skills as effectively as she has."   Michael Sante, former managing editor at Interest.com and Bankaholic.com

"I always enjoy working with Sabrina because I know, without having to worry about it, that her product will be first-rate, free of errors, and will tell a story clearly. Moreover, she's pleasant and easy to work with, even under tight time frames."   John Thomason, former director at Illinois Housing Development Authority

"Sabrina is meticulous in her work. She is masterful at interpreting data to frame messages, and her attention to detail enables her to effectively communicate those messages in a visually pleasing, reader-friendly format."   Lisa Furseth, former executive director at Community Action, Inc.

"Sabrina brings a winning combination of analytical skills and visual creativity to her work with data. She perceives not only the meaning of the numbers but also the context that helps distill the most interesting findings. As a result, her data stories are always clear and engaging."   Joseph Sanders, former colleague at Grenzebach Glier & Associates

"Sabrina's fantastic attention to detail paired with her ability to formulate and execute strategy is a true asset. By nature, Sabrina is insightful and analytical, and by experience, skillful and knowledgeable."   Renee Kalvestrand, former fellow director at SERRV International